IoD Presents: Mental Health & Wellbeing In The Workplace

CityX Stage May 16, 2019 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Gary Headland
Professor Derek Ward
Dean Fathers
Kamile Stankute
Charlie Blackwell

Mental health issues can have a serious impact on business. When the IoD produced its mental health report in 2017, entitled ‘A Little More Conversation’, it became rapidly apparent that this is an issue that affects businesses on a large scale and one that needed further attention.  The Chairman of the IoD for Greater Lincolnshire will lead a panel of experts from the Local Enterprise Partnership, Local Authority, Third Sector and the IoD to explore a range of issues related to this increasingly important topic.

Panel Chair:

Gary Headland, Chairman of IoD East Midlands

The Panel:

Professor Derek Ward, Director Of Public Health at Lincolnshire County Council

Dean Fathers, Health Board Director at Greater Lincolnshire LEP

Kamile Stankute, Parliamentary Affairs Officer at IoD

Charlie Blackwell, Counsellor at NW Counselling Hub

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