Moralitas Group

Tender and Proposal Writing

Moralitas Group is an outsourcing firm with a mission is to support small businesses in areas where they need real expertise and not a distraction from their day jobs. Their key areas of experience are in:

UK Public Sector Bidding and Bid Management
Innovation Consulting
UK and EU R&D and Commercialisation Funding
Training & Coaching
Workshops to analyse Concept Development stage or Bid Readiness.

In these areas, they provide expert, specialist support to business owners, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

The name ‘Moralitas’ means ‘morality’ and is important to them. They are guided by three key values which provide the foundation for their team and how they try to do things:

Integrity – acting honestly, fairly and genuinely with clients, partners and colleagues.
Collaboration – working as one team, collaboratively to build long-term relationships.
Success – their success is closely tied in with that of their clients. 
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